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New Plants (86)

Each year, our plant experts scour the market for the most exciting, reliable new plants to offer smart gardening customers like you. This season's selections are no exception! After vigorous trialing in our own state-of-the-art greenhouses to ensure quality and consistency, the dozens of varieties below were chosen for their uniqueness, reliability and outstanding garden performance. You're sure to find the perfect new varieties to add to any garden, no matter where you're looking to plant—we have something new for everyone. Be among the first to grow these hot new varieties and relish in the compliments you are bound to receive from friends, neighbors and passers-by.

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  • Schuberti Allium
    Schuberti Allium

    One of the most unique alliums we've found, Schubertii Allium is a conversation piece in the...

    2 for $6.99
  • Smoke Signal Grass
    Smoke Signal Grass

    Looking to add some natural, grassy accents to your garden with a plant that won't interest the...

    1 for $14.99
  • Michigan bulb Choice & Exclusive

    Azure In Wonderland
    Azure In Wonderland
    So-called for its resemblance to Alice's iconic blue skirt and apron, this mix of beautiful grape hyacinths (Muscari Armencia) and daisylike blooms (Anemone White Splendor) will bring pops of color to border gardens, containers, and rock gardens. Both flowers' strong stalks and bright colors make them a beautiful addition to bouquets as well. The urn-shaped hyacinth flowers are a deep royal blue with a thin, pale cream rim on each bell. The smaller White Splendor flowers look like daisies with their charming white petals and yellow centers. A mix of narrow green leaves and deeply cut fernlike leaves grow lushly at the base of these flowers. At full maturity, they'll reach only 12". They love full sun or partial shade in well-drained clay, loamy, or sandy soil. Muscari Armencia & Anemone white splendourmore
    50 for $9.99
  • Azure In Wonderland
    Azure In Wonderland

    So-called for its resemblance to Alice's iconic blue skirt and apron, this mix of beautiful grape...

    50 for $9.99
  • Bowl of Beauty Peony
    Bowl of Beauty Peony

    Fuchsia-pink flowers with frilly, soft yellow centers brighten the late-spring garden. They're...

    1 for $12.99
  • Princess Tulip Mix
    Princess Tulip Mix

    Each of these beautiful tulips looks like it's been painted by a brush loaded with different...

    20 for $14.99
  • Lakes Of Fire Blend
    Lakes Of Fire Blend

    This blend of Anemone Blue Shades and Tulip "Pinocchio" flowers will carpet your rock garden,...

    40 for $9.99
  • Rise And Shine Mix
    Rise And Shine Mix

    Good morning! The flowers in this mix all open with the sunrise to reveal a kaleidoscope of jewel...

    40 for $9.99
  • Royal Burgundy Tulip Blend
    Royal Burgundy Tulip Blend

    This blend of tulips range in color from velvety dark purple and red (Tulip "Black Hero"), to...

    20 for $14.99
  • Opening Act Mix
    Opening Act Mix

    Elegant daffodils and tulips form a symphony of sophistication in this unique mix! The daffodils...

    30 for $14.99
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