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Astilbe Astilbe sprout large, plume-like flowers and are well-known for their thick, glossy foliage. Since astilbe prefer moist soil, they serve as fantastic pond-side plants.

Botanical Name:


Most Popular Colors: Pale pink, bright pink, mauve.

Blooming Season: Early to midsummer.

Soil Preferences: Astilbe prefers moisture-retentive soil, but won't thrive in soggy conditions. The plant prefers acidic soil, and may yellow if exposed to too much alkalinity.

Climate Preferences: Hardy in most temperate climates.

Sun Exposure: The plants can tolerate some sun, particularly if they're planted in a boggy region, but will burn if exposed to too much.

Landscaping Tips: If you choose to plant astilbe away from your home or another shade-providing structure, plant near taller shrubs or trees. Some varieties grow fairly tall, so consider interspersing shorter shade plants, such as ferns or low-growing hostas, to provide a thicker garden.

Planting: Plant astilbe 18 to 24 inches apart, and water in well.

Care:   No deadheading is required, but the flowers can be cut back after blooming season.
• Add organic matter to the soil at least once per planting season.
• Be sure to provide plenty of water, but don't allow the ground to become soggy.

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