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Adjustable Plant Ties

A Simple Step That Makes All the Difference

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  • SKU: 62513
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62513-Adjustable Plant Ties
10 for $4.99

Packed 10 per offer

Adjustable Plant Ties

These are simple, reusable plant ties that really come in handy in the garden. They're constructed from soft, flexible PVC and easy to adjust to your growing plants' needs. The neutral black color blends in nicely, and won't detract from the flowering vine you're training or the tall perennial that needs some extra support. The best part? It's not one-use like zip ties are. Simply unhook it and store it for future use. Each of the 10 plant ties is 30 cm long. They are stretchy, however, if you have something bigger, like a tree trunk you need a longer tie for, you can connect two ties to each other.
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  • State RestrictionsAE AK GU HI PR
  • DepthTree_Ties

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