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Jolie™ Veranda® Rose

No Need to Deadhead!

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Jolie™ Veranda® Rose

You don't need acres for a rose garden—this Veranda® Rose is a special cultivar, bred particularly for exceptional performance in a patio container or compact garden space. Jolie's old-fashioned blooms are self-cleaning. You don't have to maneuver around any small corners with the pruning shears to deadhead.  It will simply push out more blooms as the first ones fall.  JOLIE™ is hardy, drought tolerant and disease resistant. It has no problem with cold winters and hot summers. Jolie's blooms are stunning, and positively brimming with ruffled petals. With their sweetly fragrant and totally abundant blooms, butterflies will be so pleased. Rosa 'KORfloci54' PPAF
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