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Meyer Lemon Tree

Grow fresh citrus fruit at home

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Meyer Lemon Tree

You'll love this variety specifically because it's fruit is some of the most delicious—it is the variety of lemon chefs tend to prefer, because its sweeter than classic grocery store lemons, with a slight hint of tangerine. The nice, healthy roots in either of our two sizes—a 2" and a 2 qt. pot—will be all set for a great performance in your home or on your porch. In either size, it'll take a few seasons before it starts producing fruit, but its shiny leaves are pretty from the word go. Sweetly fragrant flowers join in soon after and bring a lovely, refreshing citrus scent to your home twice per year. Once the fruit gets going, it becomes incredibly prolific, and will eventually give you lemons year-round. It grows slowly, which is a good trait for growing indoors, because you'll be able to manage it easily. Just be sure, if you're pruning, not to prune more than a third of the tree in a single year. This citrus tree is only winter hardy in zones 9-11, so it'll need to be indoors at least in the cold months in most climates. If you keep it indoors all through the year, you'll have to play bumblebee and pollinate the blooms. Take a paintbrush and brush the pollen grains onto the stigma (the sticky part on the lemon bloom).
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