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Orange Bird Of Paradise

Brilliant Blooms Reminiscent of a Bird's Head

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Orange Bird Of Paradise

This unusual and striking perennial is popular as a houseplant, and for good reason. The petals and sepals emerge one at a time from a hard, beak-like sheath, and look like a tropical bird's head peering over the foliage—an instant conversation starter. The clean lines, and chic modern style add a great, lively accent to your decor. With large, up to 4' tall, grey-green banana-like leaves staying attractive throughout the year, you'll always have a warm, sunny atmosphere in the house—even when the temperature drops outside. Orange Bird of Paradise can be grown as a drought tolerant accent outdoors in warmer climates—and the blooms can still be brought in to decorate the home as intricate cut flowers. In northern zones, this plant is often grown as a patio plant during the summer months and brought indoors during cooler weather.
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