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Petra Croton

6-8 Hours of Bright Direct Light & High Humidity

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Petra Croton

What makes homeowners love Petra Croton is its incredible coloration—deep green leaves with variegated, multicolored veins in bright red, orange, and yellow. If you have room to fill, the Petra Croton houseplant will make that space shine, growing 6-8' high. You can also keep shorter by topping it in spring. This plant will only need water when the soil begins to dry out. Otherwise, it likes humid environments and an occasional misting of its leaves. Be sure to keep in a warm spot in the winter time, and be careful when moving it. Too much motion causes it to drop some leaves, but don't panic, just stick to the watering and lighting requirements and it'll bounce back fast. Petra doesn't only add mood-lifting beauty to your home. As it grows, it helps purify the air, too!
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