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Potted Wall Display

Creative Modern Decor

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Potted Wall Display

With five pots and this top-quality display, you can turn a bare wall into a gorgeous, modern accent wall. It's unusual and creative so it's an easy and memorable feature. The Potted Wall Display is made from heavy, powder-coated metal. It's beautiful as just one piece hung up or free-standing. Or you can put a couple together, stack them up and make a whole wall of potted plants. This display requires only simple assembly. 19.5"Hx19.5"Wx7"D These five pots fit the potted wall display perfectly. Or if you prefer to use your own, you're looking for a 6" standard pot with a lip. These pots are made of plastic in classic grey. They're prettily textured, but otherwise neutral, so whatever plant you put there can claim the spotlight.

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