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Rosewood Pruner

The last time you'll have to buy pruners!


We ship this item in both Spring and Fall

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64270-Rosewood Pruner
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Rosewood Pruner

It's one of the items in a gardener's tool belt that gets the most use, so investing in quality pruners really make a difference. This pair is tough as nails for years of gardening use... You can stop paying to replace cheap pruners with more cheap pruners! The design is clean; classic. Rosewood handles are comfortable and handsome. They are springless—no worrying over a pesky broken spring—and the blades are easy to sharpen. A brass locking mechanism keeps them securely closed when not in use. Our Rosewood Pruners make a thoughtful gift, too! Replace your gardening friend's worn, flimsy garden center clippers with something built to last. They'll notice the difference quality makes in their day-to-day garden chores. The presentation is great, too—these come in a nice giftable box.

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