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Valentine® Bleeding Heart

Fresh Take on a Romantic Classic

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Valentine® Bleeding Heart

Dicentra, or Bleeding Heart, always causes a stir in the garden because of its extraordinary flower form. Plus, this is a shade-loving plant, and it's so rare to find a shade plant that's such a strong attention grabber. The traditional Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart is a classic garden perennial you're bound to see around the neighborhood—but if you're ready for an update, this is your Valentine. This variety doesn't bloom in traditional pink but in a brilliant, eye-catching red. It's often planted along a shady border or in a container, where it'll be frequented by hummingbirds and bees. It grows quickly, and the golden yellow to bright green leaves stay beautiful even after the long-lasting blooms fade. Cut the stems lined with heart-shaped pendants to make striking indoor arrangements. Dicentra spactabilis 'Hordival' PP22739
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