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Wintergreen Peppermint Pearls

A Bold Performer in Cold Weather

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Wintergreen Peppermint Pearls

These leaves are evergreen and dense—a nice all-season ground cover—and the flowers are plentiful in early to midsummer. The large late-season berries on this cultivar are a crisp, bright white that's festive and beautiful, just in time for the holiday season. Cold will not ruin these berries, in fact, their taste is best after a hard frost. If you harvest, you'll find them to have a good shelf life, especially when frozen. They are useful in candy-making and baked goods, and reminiscent of Christmas treats for many home gardeners. This plant originates from the United States. It's an ingredient in aspirin and root beer. The leaves can be brewed as a tea. They can also be made into essential oil, but it is highly potent and, like taking too many aspirin, it can be toxic if ingested. PP27170
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